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Drawing Demons 2018 (Solo) at Simon Henry Hair and Beauty, Derby.  Scan expertly produced by V21 Artpsace, Derby, UK.

Life & Death @ V21 Artspace 2017 Virtual Tour - scan expertly provided by V21 ARTSPACE, Derby, UK. 

Life & Death @ Hung Up! Ltd 2017 Virtual Tour - expertly provided by V21 ARTSPACE, Derby, UK. 

In Between Days 2015 - Solo show

In Between Days - Solo Exhibition 12 September to 10 October 2015 @ArtsmithLIVE, 109c Monk Street, Derby, DE22 3QE.


A chance meeting in a garden centre with a strange and attractive specimen is the start of the journey which has concluded here, with this body of work.


That chance specimen was a plant named Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’ – Hobbit’s Pipe.  The form of its leaves was immediately astounding and gave me strong impressions of the body, the flesh.  Surrounded by a plethora of delicately leafed plants, the Gollum seemed alien.  I had to buy it.


Using the idea of growth through struggle, I began sculpting forms inspired by the plant and experimenting with concrete which delivers a sense of brutality.  I find the tension between these two materials exciting.  The brutal, and the delicate.  Both are stable and durable but require care to preserve.


What you see here are the results so far.  The vitality of life which is also delicate, thrusting through the harshness of an increasingly uncaring world.  There is a sense of an impending apocalypse here too.  And also some hope.



All We Have Is Now 2014

All We Have Is Now - Solo Exhibition @ArtsmithLIVE, 109c Monk Street, Derby, DE22 3QE.


My first solo show hosted by ArtsmithLIVE in Derby.  There was a  fantastic turnout for the show with live music from the very talented Miss Helen Perry and Dave Adey.  The show has generated 3 sculpture commissions and a great review in Artsbeat Magazine (winner of Midlands Magazine of the Year 2014).  These are selected photographs from the opening night. Below are just a few comments from visitors and a link to the Artsbeat review.  Thankyou to all who came to the show and making it so special for me. 


Visitors Comments:


"Stunning, thought provoking. What can I say? I wouldn't have expected anything less from Keith."  V. Bradbury.


"Amazing, outstanding, beautiful exhibition. Very touching ..." M. Whithorn.


"Sustained quality and provocation in your sculptural work. A very strong show." D. Booth ARBS.




The very talented Miss Helen Perry and Dave Adey performing You Must Love Me @All We Have Is Now 2014.

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